My First Book Signing

My book signing is coming up in less than two weeks! I have over-used the word “excited” until even I am sick of it.  “Thrilled” is good. Thrilled makes me think of spine tingles and bursting fireworks and rollercoaster rides. So, yes, I am thrilled about the big event. I have received so much support and enthusiasm from friends and the kind people at Sol Treasures Art Center.


My first shipment of books is due to arrive here tomorrow. Today it occurred to me that soon, a story that I wrote will be in other peoples’ households, on bedside tables perhaps, or next to comfy reading spots. I visualized when and where my words may be read: bedtime, coffee breaks, car rides, waiting for appointments. I wondered if other authors think about these things with as much wonder as I am.

I do worry about some aspects of the book signing event. Like, what if no one comes? It could happen. In fact, my awake time in the night (I always have plenty of that) is filled with mind-pictures of me sitting (NO, I forgot. NO sitting), of me standing by my table in an empty room feeling foolish. That is a totally useless and stupid thought because I know some people will be there. So I tell myself to think positive, and I visualize that same room full of people, happy people, laughing and talking and having a wonderful time listening to the great music (did I mention the music?). They ALL have a book in their hand! And there I am, chatting and signing and having the time of my life!

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